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Post-Car Adventuring, Post-Car Press’s flagship project, is a guidebook series featuring trip guides published and disseminated via both print and online media.

As a practice and means of travel, we began post-car adventuring three years ago with the idea to synthesize the principles of bicycle camping and hiking (sometimes even just plain old walking!) with the use of transit (buses, trains, ferries) to make travel without a car a more mundane, easy and everyday (or at least every other weekend) experience. Post-Car Adventuring Guidebooks share ours and others’ experiences and passion for this freer and more spontaneous kind of travel.  We seek to inspire and foster a culture of travel via foot, bicycle and public transportation that enables persons already using these modes of transportation in their cities and towns to extend their application beyond their normal bounds.

The trips detailed and described in our book provide inspiration, ideas, and information for car-free trips to (mostly natural) areas commonly thought be to inaccessible without a personal automobile.

Post-Car Adventuring is aimed at would-be weekend car campers, newbie bike tourists, experienced bike tourists, dayhikers, backpackers, etc. At an even larger level, the project’s intended audience is the large group of urbanites who rarely need and use a personal automobile in the city but continue to own a car because they perceive it it as a necessity for rural and wilderness trips. In this way, Post-Car Adventuring is one more component of the livable streets movement in American cities.

We are interested not only in redefining and rethinking traditional outdoor guidebooks and recreation, but also in testing and developing new strategies and rhetoric for environmental reform and action.


                   Photo:  Dustin Jensen